Our Capabilities


Performance Tuning

Database optimzation from application level to DB,OS and HW level.


DB Development & Release

Using SQL,PLSQL TSQL and shell scripts integrated with CM tools.


Install and Configure

Real Application Cluster(RAC), DataGuard on Linux,Unix and Windows Platform.


Architecture,Design and Sizing

LTP and Datawarehouse Systems.Runing POC ,Data Flow and Access Design machine.


24*7 support

Giving 24*7 on Call and Site support for any problem in the Database Level.


QA And Health Check

Reverse engineering,Code Review , Performance Tests and Troubleshooting.


Mirror and Replication

Storage mirror and replication plus database solutions such as oracle data Guard.


Backup and Restore

Tailoring the best backup and restore solution per application type.

Our Expertise


Oracle is a Leading OLTP & Datawarehouse database which is well known for its strong and reliable transaction system. We have more than 14 years exprience implementing Oracle in enterprise organization such as banks,billing & Telco companies ,Government entities, etc ...

Our Activities and Skills:

Architecture and Design

High Availability RAC and Data Guard

Development of large scale DB

Performance Tuning using Oracle Enterprise Manager.

Machine and storage sizing.

Backup and Recovery using RMAN or storage solution

Mirroring using Data Guard and Replication



MySQL is a Leading OLTP & Datawarehouse database in Internet companies Its Open source and part of the LAMP bundle (Linux,Apache,MySQL,PHP)

Our Activities and Technical Support:

Architecture and Design

Database cluster and mirror installations

DB Development using SQL

Performance Tuning using MySql Profiler

Backup and Recovery


Operations Consulting

We are in point where everything start with the design and in every point in the system life cycle for troubleshooting, performance tuning and improvement.


Where We Deliver

Mainly in Israel but able to do it everywhere in the Globe.


Our Capabilities

Supplying full Data managment and bussiness analysis solutions using best bread products and open source tools.


Who We are

Strong and excellent team with extensive skills and expreince in Big Databases and Business Intelligence.