Amazon AWS

For many use cases, it has several solutions that you can choose which is the best solution for your use case and not be limited to one solution. Amazon AWS is used by the biggest companies in the world, banking insurance companies including the US army. 

Amazon’s popular services are :

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud –  EC2 Compute engine, Amazon RDS,  S3 storage, Amazon redshift, Amazon Athene, EMR, and many more.

Following our AWS Services :

  • Migration to Amazon AWS
  • AWS Cloud Administration
  • AWS VM Set up and Linux Administration
  • Network and security best practices and implantations
  • Relational Database Service – RDS: Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, and Aurora
    database administration and monitoring – DBA Services, Performance Optimization, Tuning, Data Modeling, Database Migration to RDS, and Data Engineering
  • Big Data Platforms – Amazon Athena and Amazon Redshift
  • Web APIs and application elastic scale – elastic beanstalk, API Gateway.
  • Data Stream and Pipeline – Amazon Kinesis, Glue, AWS Lambda functions.
  • Hadoop and Spark Services – EMR.

So if you are not in the cloud this is the time to do it. Contact us today and we will start the journey together.


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