data Engineer

Data Engineer Data Engineer’s role, responsibilities, skills , and what is the background they come from? More and more data is constantly being generated day and night. Approximately 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every day, and shockingly 90% of the world’s data to date, has been created in the last two years alone. […]

Data Warehouse (DWH) and BI

Data Warehouse is a data platform where organisations store all their information from external or internal sources . an external source can be data produced by Google analytics or facebook .Internal sources can be systems like CRM  and Accounting systems .To be able to move all data from different sources types that use different access […]

MySQL 8 Galera Cluster High Availability

MySQL 8 Galera Cluster High Availability  In MySQL 8 Galera Cluster Installation we described how to set up MySQL8 Cluster so the cluster can survive any node failure and continue to fully operate without losing database writes and continue to serve reads . In this article we will describe how to make it transparent to […]

MySQL 8 Galera Cluster Installation Using Percona XtraDB Cluster

MySQL Galera Cluster Introduction   MySQL Galera cluster is the common solution for MySQL high availability and bring the highest database high viability rate 99.99.. .As appose to MySQL replication where the application is working with one master and all replicas are being send to slaves is asynchronously manner any master crash will lead to […]


 Apache Hadoop is free open Source software for massive distributed computation and Big Data storage. It can store PetaBytes of data and process it very fast. It does it using a cluster of many commodity servers (nodes) where each data node stores a portion of the data and is used as a compute node to […]

Installing Vertica on AWS EC2

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To ensure continuous growth and healthy competition, your organization must be vigilant and quickly implement new technological solutions. This fact is relevant more than ever when we talk about our databases search solutions. Nowadays, when your business information and client data are the most valuable assets at your disposal, it is important that we make […]

Full stack developer

In recent years the term “full stack” is widely used. We know it is an attractive career option and witness the immense rise of dull stack developer courses around us. However, most of us do not have the faintest idea what a full stack developer actually does, what the term means and why it is […]

Node JS

Node JS express We all know that JavaScript is the classic language for client-side programming and throughout most of its existence, this was its sole and only use, However, since the development of the Node operating environment, the JS language has gained a new meaning in the world of development. Today Node JS express allows […]


Talend for big data Organizations of all sorts rely today more than ever on well-processed and organized data in all of their decision-making processes. Your business most likely faces fateful decisions every day. The information that is available to you is the key to ensuring that your choices allow you to thrive. Therefore, the need […]