Redis Replication vs Redis Sentinel vs Redis Cluster

Redis Replication vs Redis Sentinel vs Redis Cluster Redis is a very fast In Memory NoSQL database that is commonly used for caching data for fast reads and writes with milliseconds latency. It can reach > 1 million OPS (Operations Per Second) very easily and reduce the disk’s IOPS load (input/output = read/write operations per […]

Elasticsearch 8 Installation

In this article we will walk you through the installation process of Elasticsearch on both operating systems – Windows and Linux. Note: The Elasticsearch version we will use is 8.5.3 Windows Download: The zip file can be downloaded directly from Elastic Group site using this link: Installation: Download the zip file Extract elasticsearch folders to […]


MySQL DBA: Key factors for successful database management There are many different types of databases which slightly differ from one another. While DBA are general database administrators that know how handle most things, there are DBAs who are experienced in managing a specific database. MySQL DBA is a database administrator who is an expert in […]

SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server is licensed Relation database management used to run on a mixed load of online transaction processing and data warehouse. SQL Server is mainly installed on Windows Operating system although it started to support Linux as well. SQL Server initially was ported from Sybase ~1989 and was first released in 1993 (Version 4.2). […]


Oracle Database is licensed Relational database management used to run on a mixed load of online transaction processing and data warehouse. Oracle is known for its high reliability, high availability, and rich functionality. Oracle is mainly used in Enterprise corporations like Banks, credit card companies, Insurance companies, etc. These types of companies need high data […]


PostgreSQL A widely-used and renowned repository PostgreSQL is a free open-source relational database management system. Some even consider it the most advanced open source database system.  This management system has earned a strong reputation for its proven architecture, reliability, data integrity, robust feature set, extensibility, and the dedication of the open source community behind the software to […]


MySQL is a free open source relational database management system under the terms of the GNU General Public License. It’s one of the most popular databases in the market and is used by very large companies such as Facebook and and more. It supports ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability). It’s highly stable, reliable, and […]


MongoDB is implemented using a minimum of 3 node clusters. As opposed to Elasticsearch and Cassandra, MongoDB clusters have one master/primary node with secondary nodes. All writes are being done to one node and distributed between several nodes and data is replicated to all nodes using replica sets. MongoDB can be also used as a […]

NoSQL Databases

NoSQL Databases NoSQL database is a different concept from Relational  Database Management System (RDBMS). NoSQL is built to handle many read and write requests (> 1 Million) which a regular database can’t handle. These databases can be used for Caching for fast response time like  redis,  couchbase, or store huge amounts of data also on […]


Google Cloud Platform Google Cloud VMs are also considered one of the fastest servers in the market. Google Cloud is being used by leading companies in the world. It’s very fast to set up and build. Google Cloud’s popular services are Google App Engine, google big query, considered one of the fastest big data platforms. […]