More and more companies are processing data analytics through the cloud, therefore increasing reliability on cloud solution architects, Cassandra experts, and Cassandra support. Often, cloud data analytics and services are provided under a pay per use model, and many vendors offer single element support technologies.

What kind of products and services do such cloud data analytics vendors offer? Services include software as a service business intelligence, data warehouses and analytics for social media analytics. Generally, a cloud solution architect will adapt each of these services to the specific needs of the company.

Cloud Solution Architects

A cloud solution architect preparing a SaaS BI solution, would ensure scalability would match the requirements of the hosts for business intelligence application delivery. Cloud-based social media analytics would require the cloud solution architect to remotely provide tools to select the social media sites that best match the requirements of the host; including different data harvesting, storage and analytics applications.A cloud solution architect designing a cloud hosted data warehouse would have to ensure that the company data repository is accessible to remote users.

Cassandra Expert

Apache Cassandra was released as an open-source project in July 2008, after being developed internally by Facebook as a distributed NoSQL database. Cassandra provides non-stop availability, superlative performance, and the scalability that is the foundation of any successful business. At the same time, it is also operationally simple, so can be taught to new employees easily, and can be effortlessly replicated throughout different data centers and global regions. A Cassandra expert will conclude the database management system is capable of coping with petabytes of information and thousands of concurrent operations per second.

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