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Cloud Service is common these days. Many critical services nowadays are using cloud services including Banks, insurance companies, government organizations, and even the US army.

Cloud solutions allow customers to increase or decrease their resources as needed within a timely manner. This way they can provide their users good performance and save costs according to their needs.

Cloud environments are with an almost limitless amount of resources where the technologies and hardware are first class so they allow for very high performance and endless growth potential and of course extremely high survivability. To all these must be added a very high level of security with one of the highest internal and external communication networks in the world.

Setting up a cloud environment is very fast compared to setting up an on-prem data center, no need to purchase machines or install them, when using cloud services also you do not have to install and manage various software such as databases so it leaves the customers mostly to manage and develop their systems.

If you are not using the cloud yet it’s time to consider it.

SeaData specializes in Amazon and Google Cloud Services.

We create new environments, migrate data centers to the cloud and maintain existing environments, including building and managing cloud data platforms.

Following are the services we provide

Amazon AWS

Amazon AWS is the pioneer of cloud services. They started offering IT infrastructure in 2006.

Amazon AWS is considered the bigger player in the market with a huge number of cloud services that customers can use instead of developing and managing on their own. 

Read More about Amazon AWS New page – Amazon AWS  (Amazon Web Services)

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform provides infrastructure as a service, platform as a service PAS, and serverless computing environments. As Google it has a very strong and easy-to-use cloud environment. It has all you need to build a sophisticated data center with competitive prices which will give you the best ROI. 

Read More about Google Cloud platform New Page – Google Cloud Platform (GCS)


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