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So what exactly is Couchbase? It is a merger of two NoSQL technologies (an increasingly popular technology storing complex data, especially data with multiple nested levels), Membase and CouchDB, which serves as a document database.Couchbase is designed for interactive web applications. Its data model is flexible, and offers considerable and easy scalability, with reliable and superlative performance.

The first thing to remember, is that the primary data storage unit in a Couchbase server is the JSON document. This means that the application is not cluttered with inflexible relational database tables. This is also no need for schema migrations, since the application objects are all modeled as documents.

Couchbase Consultant

Couchbase distributes data horizontally and uniformly across different nodes. To do so it uses a process called hash sharding; once the document key is hashed into a given partition (the system has a 1024 fixed partitions) the document is then localized into that position form now on. Since each partition is associated with a specific cluster node, adding or removing nodes will lead the system to spur partition migration from one node to another. This architecture protects Couchbase from being vulnerable to a single failure point.

Cloud Migration

What is Cloud migration? Essentially, migrating the data, applications and other elements of your business to a cloud based computing platform.Not all cloud migrations are equal, however. Transferring applications and data from a on-site data center and server to the unsecured public cloud is one type of migration which companies with non-sensitive operations might undertake.

However, it is just as likely for cloud migration to involve migration from one type of cloud to another – typically one that offers specialized security or services relevant to that specific data type. There is also a trend for more and more activities to relocate to the cloud, a process known as unclouding; where data and applications are relocated back to an onsite server.


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