Data Analyst

A data analyst collects, organizes large datasets and performs statistical analysis uncovering meaningful patterns and solutions. They discover how data can be used to answer questions and solve problems. Data Analysts provide expertise to integrate business data, functions and systems.

Companies in nearly every industry can benefit from the work of data analysts, from healthcare providers to retail stores to fast food chains. Data analysts bring value to organizations who want to know more about the needs of their consumer or end user.

Regardless of which industry they work in, data analysts can expect to spend their time developing systems for collecting data and compiling their findings into reports to help improve business.

Data analysts rely on various tools to collect and make sense of their data. These are some common tools:

  • Microsoft Excel®
  • SQL
  • SAS® software
  • Google Analytics ™
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Tableau™
  • Google AdWords™
Data Analyst


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