Microsoft SQL server

What is MS SQL Server?

Microsoft SQL server (more commonly known as MS SQL server) is a relational database server developed by Microsoft Corporation. A database server is essentially a database application that stores data. Other software applications can retrieve and save data using this database application which uses SQL language. The MySQL server offers a database management system with querying, connectivity, and good data structure capabilities, as well as the ability to integrate with several platforms. In extremely demanding production applications, it’s capable of reliably and quickly handling massive databases. The MySQL server also offers a variety of useful features, including connectivity, speed, and security, which make it excellent for database access.

MS SQL Server advantages

  1. Easy to install – All Microsoft products are easy to install with one-click installation procedure and a simple set of instructions for the average user. MS SQL Server is no different than other Microsoft products, and it has a very user-friendly installation interface compared to other database servers that need complex command-line configurations.
  2. Enhanced Performance – MS SQL server has improved data storage and retrieval tasks thanks to its outstanding compression and encryption capabilities.  
  3. Security- Microsoft’s SQL server is considered to be one of the most secure database servers, with sophisticated encryption methods that make it nearly impossible to breach the user-enforced security measures. Since it is not an open-source database server, there is a lower chance of a database server attack.
  4. Excellent data recovery and restoration capabilities – Your data is very important, and Microsoft is fully aware of that. Because of this, MS SQL Server provides a number of advanced capabilities that let you recover and restore damaged or deleted data. Despite the fact that you cannot recover individual entries, you can restore an entire database using certain advanced recovery tools found in the MS SQL Server database.
  5. Data warehouse – porting services, ssis -etl

Who is MS SQL server for?

MS SQL server is great for companies whose technology is Microsoft based or use Windows as their operating system.

Who is in charge of the servers in a company?

A database administrator is a professional who knows how to manage databases, and must therefore know their way around servers as well. Today there are many different types of databases using different languages, and some databases require an expert administrator.  Small businesses with small databases will probably not have professionals who manage their servers. In medium-large companies who have their own IT department, there would usually be a DBA who manages the company’s databases and must know to choose the correct server for the database.

When is the right time to turn to a professional SQL DBA?

No matter how skilled your IT department is, the fact of the matter is that some tasks are better performed with an expert outside of the company. SQL Server consultants and perhaps an experienced SQL Server DBA may be the most efficient way to back you up. A professional DBA offers:
  • Disaster recovery
  • High availability solutions
  • Installation, configuration, and setup (2000, 2005, 2008 R2, 2012, 2014)
  • SQL performance tuning and optimization
  • Cloud migration
  • Advanced troubleshooting

Where can I find Microsoft SQL DBA services?

While some DBAs are excellent, not all know how to match the right server to their database. This may result in slow performance, security breaches and more. Sea Data is a leading provider of all data services, including MS SQL DBA services, server consulting, and cloud services. Contact us to get your database up and running smoothly.


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