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In recent years the term “full stack” is widely used. We know it is an attractive career option and witness the immense rise of dull stack developer courses around us. However, most of us do not have the faintest idea what a full stack developer actually does, what the term means and why it is so important and required in today’s high-tech world. In fact, full stack developers are extremely vital people in a high-tech organization and can make a world of difference in every web-based solution developed in your organization. To understand in depth what Full-Stack is, one must first understand two related concepts – server side and client side.

Server-side development

Server-side development is the development of all the actions that take place “behind the scenes”, that is, everything that the end customer will not see on the interface. This includes data storage received by the customer, information processing, user management and the like.

Client-side development

By its very nature, client-side development is crucial to the user experience. It combines design with functionality and an extensive savvy in relevant technologies such as JavaScript, Angular or HTML.

So what exactly is full stack development?

In this mix, the full stack developer is a crucial mediator between both worlds. Full Stack developers are professionals who are familiar with the technologies on both sides of the barricade – both client side and server side, as well as the communication and connection between them. Such experts can develop a final product comprehensively, with all aspects in mind.

A valuable asset to your organization

With full stack talents at your side your project will be managed with a holistic approach and multidisciplinary point of view which creates efficient, cost effective and stable development processes. Sea Data’s Full stack team has led projects from all worlds of development and helped organizations develop technological solutions out of in-depth thinking that meet unique needs and implement more efficient and cost-effective processes.  


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