Hadoop Analytics

Apache Hadoop does not have a built-in analytics, or even a built-in Hadoop data warehouse. But accessing analytics is possible since Hadoop does provide a platform and data structure on which analytics models can be built. To do so, the Hadoop administrators and analysts need to be well versed in MapReduce functions and applications. This will enable them to import the data into an analytics algorithm compatible format and voila! Hadoop analytics are now at the tip of your Hadoop administrator’s fingertips.

Hadoop and Data Analytics

Why bother with Hadoop and data analytics when so many other applications offer built-in analytics functions? Hadoop is the original and most popular database. As a result, many new products on the market  are ensured to be Hadoop compatible. Hadoop is the common language of analytics, even though challengers such as Spark seek to replace it by offering a native machine learning library and faster operating speeds.

Hadoop Administrator

In spite of the challenges to the statues of Hadoop, Hadoop administrators are in high demand. The lack of built-in analytics or data warehouse capability, means all the more work for Hadoop administrators adapting the platform for the demands of the 2020s. So what skills are required of Hadoop administrators?

Hadoop administrators have operational expertise, troubleshooting skills, and knowledge of the system. Specific skills include Hadoop cluster deployment, and good general understanding of Linux. Knowledge of Hadoop platform analytics is another essential task of administrators.

Hadoop Analytics


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