The Hadoop database is a boon to anyone who requires massive data warehousing and processing power. But getting everything up and running often requires help from a Hadoop consultant. Fortunately, we possess considerable expertise in resolving the Hadoop data warehousing and analytics challenges you face. Our Hadoop experts are dedicated to optimizing your Hadoop database to fulfill the tasks required by your particular business and are fully up to speed with all of the updates and new capabilities of the Hadoop database.

Hadoop consultant

You might wonder what added benefit your business might accrue from a Hadoop consultant. After, all isn’t the point of using freeware to do it all yourself? The fact of the matter is, however, that you need a Hadoop expert to fully exploit all of the capabilities that the Hadoop data warehouse has to offer.

Hadoop database

If you are designing a Hadoop database from scratch, we will plan every component to meticulously ensure that your future system is in line with your business needs, offering a combination of frameworks and technologies to squeeze out the maximum performance from your design.

If, on the other hand, you planning to use the Hadoop Distributed File System as a storage platform and run analytics on Apache Spark, or using Hadoop as a data lake and your IoT big data and Apache Cassandra for a data warehouse, or any other combination you can think of,  our Hadoop experts will ensure the seamless integration of the Hadoop database with any other pre-existing or planned components.

Hadoop data warehouse

In the early days of the internet search engines and indexes became a necessity to help locate relevant information via text based searches. Incredibly, in these early days humans returned the search results. But that was obviously no long term solution for a web expanding from a few dozen academic connections to millions of pages. Automation was needed and search engines capable of handling big data became the dominant feature of the world wide web.

The Hadoop data warehouse is the stepchild of one of these search engines, an open source engine called Nutch. Nutch was a contemporary of Google and never really took off, but the distributed computing and processing portion of the project, the big data processor Hadoop, was developed independently. In 2008, Yahoo  released the Hadoop data analytics engine as freeware.

It’s greatest advantage? That unlike other relational databases the Hadoop data warehouse does not require you to preprocess data before storing it. The Hadoop data warehouse can store as much data as you need and you can process it with Hadoop’s data analytics later on whenever is convenient.

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