MongoDB is implemented using a minimum of 3 node clusters. As opposed to Elasticsearch and Cassandra, MongoDB clusters have one master/primary node with secondary nodes. All writes are being done to one node and distributed between several nodes and data is replicated to all nodes using replica sets.

MongoDB can be also used as a shared file system using its GridFS feature.

MongoDB has a free community licence without support and MongoDB enterprise features.

Percona server for MongoDB  is also distributed by MongoDB which brings enterprise features for free. You can view the list of features here.

Use Cases

Application types: Social networks, session management, high-end OLTP system, shared file system 

Our Services:

  • Big Data Architecture and MongoDB schema design
  • MongoDB DevOps – Cluster Installation, performance tuning, backup, and recovery.
  • Data Engineering Using Python and PySpark
  • Application development using Python and Node JS.
  • 24*7 Support

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