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We all know that JavaScript is the classic language for client-side programming and throughout most of its existence, this was its sole and only use, However, since the development of the Node operating environment, the JS language has gained a new meaning in the world of development. Today Node JS express allows developers to work across all aspects of the project and supply a full stack and comprehensive solution. Here, we will try to cover the Node JS basics and learn how it become such a crucial element in the current tech environment.

What is Node JS Express?

Node JS Express is an open-source development platform based on the JavaScript operating environment. Its uniqueness stems from its ability to execute JavaScript commands outside the web browser. traditionally, JS is a client language that is run on the browser installed on the client computer. This means that except for the dynamic content coming from the server, all other components on the website/program/application, run on the client browser. Node JS allows developers to write routine JavaScript code while running server-side scripts to create dynamic content for web pages even before the content is submitted to the user’s browser.

Should I get familiar with the Node JS basics?

The answer to this question is quite simple – if you engage in web or app development, you should definitely be able to work with Node. Although there are many other frameworks in the market, for most web applications and secure websites, Node offers a development environment and more importantly, a runtime environment, which allows to greatly improve the user experience in terms of operating speed, displaying dynamic content without user intervention and user experience in general. Moreover, today it is easier than ever to find a Node JS tutorial and start implementing these benefits on your project in no time. Have you decided to jump on the Node JS train? Sea Data’s experts are here to guide you throughout your Node JS or Node JS online training.  


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