Oracle Database is licensed Relational database management used to run on a mixed load of online transaction processing and data warehouse.

Oracle is known for its high reliability, high availability, and rich functionality.

Oracle is mainly used in Enterprise corporations like Banks, credit card companies, Insurance companies, etc.

These types of companies need high data guarantees with the ability to support many concurrent transactions, fast heavy analysis, scale, and high availability with close to zero downtime.

Oracle scale using Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) where every server in the cluster can serve reads and writes and all servers are writing to the same storage.

Oracle Exadata is an Oracle in-house computing Platform that includes Machines, Storage, OS, and software to support high-end OLTP and Datawarehouse solutions.

High Availability is being done using Oracle Data Guard where remote Database Server/cluster gets replication data from Primary Data Center and in case of disaster, the standby database/cluster becomes primary.

Oracle has 3 types of deployments:

  1. Enterprise edition – industry-leading scalability and reliability.
  2. Standard edition – small to medium sized implementations include limited oracle real application clusters.
  3. Personal edition – single user and single machine that comes with all database features without oracle real application cluster.

Use Cases

High-End OLTP and DWH Solution.

Our Services:

  • Database Architecture, Data Modeling, and DBA.
  • DevOps – RAC and Database Installation, Data Guard Setup, Performance Tuning, Upgrades, backup, and recovery.
  • Data Engineering using PLSQL and Python.
  • SLA 24*7 Support.


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