Python developer

Python is the hot new language which is being used for an extemly wide variety of applications including but by no means limited to program scripting, big data manipulation, web servers, and even the Raspberry Pi.

Unlike the pyton full stack developer, who can develop the entire product independently, from back to end, what most Python web developer do is write server-side web application logic. Usually, Python web developers will develop the back-end components, then connect the application with other (often third-party) web services, and then integrate the work of these frint end developers with the Python application.

Python full stack developer

It can take many years of dedicated learning, practice and refinment  of skills to become a true python full stack programmer who is able to write a program with a user interface that fully interacts with the backing database. To be able to perform this feat the python full stack developer needs to master requirements gathering, documentation, graphic design, user and application interface design, database design and indexing, systems administration, server configuration and management, web server installation and configuration, application server installation and configuration, internet architecture (http, tcp), networking (basic), dns (basic), software deployment, version control…. and this is on top of python programming and basic html, CSS, templating, and JavaScript programming skills.

Note that the usual order of skill acquisition is the reverse of this rather intimidating list- it’s no wonder that most python full stack masters dedicate their programming lifetime to the venture!

Python data engineer

Data engineer

A data engineer builds and maintains the data architecture of a data science project. That means ensuring an uninterrupted flow of data between servers and applications. That means designing and/or improving or finetuning data foundational procedures, integrating new data, integrating new data management technologies and softwares into the existing system, building data collection pipelines, and designing and building the data warehouses where all the raw data is collected, stored and retrieved from. Without data warehouses, many task become non cost effective.

Programming knowledge, particularly but not only with python, is a requirement for success in this profession and quite a few python developers and python full stack developers progress into data engineers, though just as many data engineers have engineering backgrounds combined with some programming training.


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