SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server is licensed Relation database management used to run on a mixed load of online transaction processing and data warehouse.

SQL Server is mainly installed on Windows Operating system although it started to support Linux as well.

SQL Server initially was ported from Sybase ~1989 and was first released in 1993 (Version 4.2).

SQL Server is very fast, reliable, and rich with functionality that makes it one of the most popular databases for companies based on Windows server operating systems.

One of the most benefits of SQL Server is that it comes with additional strong products as part of the SQL Server database:

  1. SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) – Strong ETL tool that enables Extract, Transform and Load the data into and from the database.
  2. SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) – Add OLAP, Analytic, and Data mining capabilities.
    MOLAP, ROLAP, and HOLAP storage modes for data. Analysis Services supports the XML for Analysis standard as the underlying communication protocol. The cube data can be accessed using MDX and LINQ queries
  3. Reporting Services(SSRS) – Custom Application report development. Report Development can be done using Microsoft visual studio or business development studio.
  4. Full-Text Service – Indexing and querying unstructured data stored in SQL Server Database.

SQL Server Support High Availability using:

  1. Database Mirroring which replication can be done synchronous and asynchronous.
  2. Log Shipping – log backups are copied to remote secondary servers and restored to the secondary server – Log Shipping supports an unlimited number of secondaries for each primary database.
  3. Always ON – Cluster High Availability between 2 data centers. Primary DC has an Active-Passive cluster using shared storage sending replicas to remote DC.
    when the primary DC cluster Crash remote DC can be Activated.

Use Cases

High-End OLTP and DWH Solution.

Our Services:

  • Database Architecture, Data Modeling, and DBA
  • DevOps – Cluster and Database Installation, Always on, database Mirroring and log shipping Setup, Performance Tuning, Upgrades, backup and recovery
  • Data Engineering using SSIS, TSQL, and Python.
  • SLA 24*7 Support


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